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Website Building Basics – Building and Publishing Your Own Website

This inspiring and interactive workshop is suitable for any level of experience or ability and is designed to introduce you to building and publishing your very own website.

Bring your laptop and learn:

• What is WordPress

• Setting up a WordPress Website,

• WordPress Themes, Plugins, Menus,

• How to create or edit pages,

• How to create or edit blogs articles,

• Security, Performance and Backup,

• How to get my WordPress website found on the internet,

• WordPress Maintenance,

• Secure a domain name and host,

• Build on a content management system (CMS) and make it mobile friendly,

• Optimize for search engines and people,

• The Importance of photos and videos on your website,

• Get visitors to take action, build your email list/make it easy to contact you, Measure your traffic, Keep your website healthy and more!

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