DaeSean McNeal, 20

Success Story, Youth

My name is DaeSean McNeal. I’m 20 years old and from Oakland. Being a part of Youth Radio and their Pathways Program has helped me get back on track and focus on my goals. Within the Pathways Program I have learned to make a resume, cover letter and practice my professional skills. I have learned digital media, Photoshop, & graphic design as well. Pathways staff gives help to all their students and show that they care.

Youth Radio is one of a kind. You can’t find any other place like this with all of the resources that you’re able to use, especially in one building. They take in everyone they can. They help transform you into something you thought you would never be. They give you a voice. They all treat you like you’re family whether you know everyone or not. It’s definitely a place I would like to call my second home.