David was an 18-year-old high school drop-out when he came to EASTBAY Works. He had been convicted of a crime at 16 and was living between his grandmother’s and friends’ homes. David was eager to make a fresh start, get his GED and find a career, so he enrolled in the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) program for out-of-school youth.

EASTBAY Works partners at the One Stop Career Centers in Contra Costa County assessed his basic skills and referred him to Liberty Adult Education to pursue his GED. EASTBAY Works paid for his GED exam fees.

After earning his GED (in two months!), David got help with his resume and interview skills. In addition to attending workshops, David stayed in touch with his case manager, who sent him news of job openings and on-site recruitments, as well as tips on how to research careers.

When David decided to attend Los Medanos College, his case manager was right there to assist with application, registration, schedule planning and financial aid. The EASTBAY Works job center even gave him bus passes and paid for his textbooks.

David ultimately realized he really wanted to be a combat engineer. He enlisted in the National Guard and completed boot camp. He continues to be in the Selected Reserve Unit and serves one weekend a month. David is happy and credits EASTBAY Works and its programs with helping him come to career clarity.