Dominik Vaughan, 21

Success Story, Youth

My name is Dominik Vaughan. You should google me! I am 21 years old and I am an aspiring artist. The Pathways Program at Youth Radio was the best opportunity that ever crossed my path. I needed a job badly and that was when I found their graphic design workforce program- which is funded by EASTBAY Works partner, the Oakland Workforce Development Board. I’m an aspiring artist so the Photoshop training helped me brush up my skills. We also had a lot of professional development trainings, which taught me more things than I thought I knew about the professional world.

We got the opportunity to visit the Pandora headquarters and the California College of the Arts in Oakland. There were also opportunities within Youth Radio as well. To work on my public speaking and branding skills I became a Youth Radio Spokesperson/Ambassador.  Youth Radio also helped me get a job at Target.

I recently finished an externship as a Business Education/Media Intern at ICA Fund Good Jobs. My experience at ICA was the best ever. I learned a lot about running a business, promotions, and branding. I even got to see and take a picture with the Warriors NBA finals trophy and ring!