Noel Anaya, 20

Success Story, Youth

My experience in the Pathways Program was great overall. I knew what I wanted from the start but the two things I lacked were clout and the financial element. Coming into the program I was working on obtaining a major in both Television Broadcasting and Radio and Social Work. Youth Radio’s Pathways Program was able to enroll me into a Berkeley City College Photoshop course. It was also a great experience because I was able to use hands on state of the art equipment in and outside of class thanks to Youth Radio’s access to technology. I had instructors that were advocates as well and that was extremely helpful. I would check in with them every week and they helped me send in the direction I needed to go to help me pursue the work I desired. I got to meet a great unique group of classmates and in the end I became an advocate for my class. At the end of my 3 month externship, I was able to continue my employment as a production consultant at Ambassadors Circle, the online radio station I was hired at.