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  • Tutoring and instruction towards high school completion
  • Occupational skills training towards postsecondary credentials
  • Paid and unpaid work experiences:
   Summer and year-round employment
On-the-job training
  • Exposure to in-demand industries
  • Career exploration
  • Leadership development
  • Supportive services
  • Adult mentoring




  • Age 16 to 24 and not attending school
  • Eligibility based on multiple factors, contact a youth service provider




  • Age 16 to 21 and attending school 
  • Eligibility based on multiple factors, contact a youth service provider


Earn & Learn East Bay

Interested in a summer job, paid internship, apprenticeship or other opportunities to learn about industries and their job types in a workplace setting?

Discover East Bay Earn and Learn, an exciting new initiative placing in- and out-of-school youth into meaningful workplace experiences with employers throughout the East Bay region. Contact a youth service provider to find out how to participate.

Youth Success Stories

  • Anthony Maldonado

    From drop-out to high school completion to becoming a computer engineer

  • Cassandra

    Once with no direction and no work experience, Cassandra now has not just a job, but a career. Reaching out to EASTBAY Works made all the difference for this dental assistant.

  • Cesar

    Cesar had dreams of becoming a barber and owning his own barbershop.

  • DaeSean McNeal, 20

    “Being a part of Youth Radio and their Pathways Program has helped me get back on track and focus on my goals.”

  • David

    David was a drop-out with a record when he came to EASTBAY Works. Now he’s a combat engineer in the National Guard.

  • Debbie Abiola, 21

    I’ve been able to gain full confidence in myself and understand the need for team work

  • Dominik Vaughan, 21

    “My experience was the best ever”

  • Jaileel

    I’m so lucky I got to participate in the Earn and Learn program. The experience definitely helped prepare me to get a job. I hope it continues so that other kids can learn like I did and have opportunity.

  • Jesse

    From drop-out to construction apprentice in a union job.

  • Noel Anaya, 20

    A great experience because I was able to use hands on state of the art equipment.

  • Varun

    Newcomer to country finds work fast with help from EASTBAY Works.


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